Ridin-Hy Ranch Resort
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Adirondack Ranch History

The Ranch has offered a quality vacation at reasonable rates Since 1940

Ed Carstens, the son of two German immigrants, had a love for the Adirondacks from visiting as a young man. Being raised in New York City, Ed knew that an area where beautiful mountains, a small lake, and outdoor activities all came together could be something special. Ed Carstens opened the Ridin-Hy in the Summer of 1940. Orabel Rollins, better known as “Sunshine,” became a guest in 1943. Ed and Orabel married in 1944, and shortly after welcomed a daughter, Susan, and a son, Gary (Dude).

In 1970, Susan, Gary, and Susan’s husband, Andy Beadnell, took over the Ridin-Hy from Ed and Orabel. The three extended the operating season year after year until 1975, when the Ridin-Hy officially opened year-round. Susan and Andy raised three boys, Todd, Tim, and Troy while running the family resort.
After many hard-working, dedicated years, Susan and Andy handed the ranch over to the next generation. In 2010, Andy and Susan’s two sons, Tim and Troy, became the new owners along with their wives, Patience and Carrie. One day, they hope to continue the tradition of passing their business on to the next generation, Mattelyn, Gavin, Andrew, and Nathan. The Beadnell family takes pride in providing a great vacation for our guest and ranch family.
The dude ranch began as a small accommodation for only thirty guests, mostly single women, with 12 cabins at a rate of $27.00 per week. Ed and two helpers built the original main lodge in 1948. Power was generated on site and ice was harvested from the lake during wintertime and stored in sawdust to use during the summer months. In 1958, Ed and Orabel decided to make the ranch more family oriented, adding more children’s activities and a social director. This helped establish Ridin-Hy as one of the premiere ranches in Warren County.
Sadly, on July 20th, 1982 Ed and Orabel’s main lodge was lost to a fire. Everything was lost in the fire, including records, food, and memorabilia. After 2 long days of BBQ for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the 170 guests were asked to leave to allow the family time to regroup. Only 10 days later, the family reopened in a converted barn. They used a summer kitchen and “fire pictures” to explain to their guests why the ranch looked different from what had been advertised.

On September 3rd, 1982, the logs cut from the 700 acres of ranch property were laid for the new main lodge. After a hard-working Fall, Susan and Andy opened the new lodge on December 26th, 1982. A year later, the indoor pool extension was added.

On October 27th, 2017, Andy and Susan’s Main Lodge was lost to a fire. On Friday afternoon, our guests were out doing their daily activities and thankfully there was no one in the lodge. Although everything was a complete loss, the memories made will always be with us. After careful consideration, the Beadnell family decided to reopen on December 26th, 2017 in the “playhouse,” converting it into a dining room and office building.
Finally, after a long year of hard work and dedication, the new lodge was opened on December 26th, 2018. The new lodge features a full two stories, hand chiseled fireplaces, and beautiful woodwork. Much of the original charm remains, while new improvements continue to make the lodge and the Ridin-Hy Ranch a family destination!

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