Ridin-Hy Ranch Resort
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Adirondack Ranch History

The Ranch has offered a quality vacation at reasonable rates Since 1940

Ridin-Hy was opened in 1940 by Ed Carstens, a son of German immigrants. Raised in New York City, he loved the Adirondacks since he visited as a young man. He chose the ranch site (a former girl’s camp) because he felt a combination of horse and water activities would be successful. Orabel “Sunshine” Rollins was a guest in 1943 and the two married in 1944. Susan and Gary (Dude) arrived shortly thereafter. At first the ranch accommodated thirty guests – mostly single women and conditions were rustic.

The first lodging was twelve cabins. Ed and two helpers built the original main lodge in 1948. Each winter all the summer guests were invited to a winter party at Madison Square Garden rodeo in NYC. Power was generated on site and wintertime ice was cut out of the lake and stored in sawdust for summer use. Weekly charge was $27 per person.

Beginning in 1958 Ed and Orabel decided to become more family oriented adding a children’s social director and activities; Establishing Ridin-Hy as one of the premiere ranches in Warren County (There was more than 30 at the time) In 1970 Susan, her brother Gary and husband Andy Beadnell took over ranch operations from Ed & Orabel. The operating season was extended year by year until in 1975 the ranch was open year round.

On July 20th 1982, the main lodge was lost to a fire – everything gone (records, food, housekeeping items, even beer!) After 2 days of 3 meals of BBQ, the 170 guests had to be asked to leave so we could regroup. They were told if we owe you a refund or you owe us – just let us know. 10 days later we reopened in a converted barn with a summer kitchen and “fire pictures” to explain to any newcomers why the facilities looked different from the brochure. The logs for the present lodge were cut off the back mountain immediately as you can only peel the bark off until mid-august. The first logs were laid Sept 3 and the building opened Dec 26th. The indoor pool was added a year later. Through the years log buildings were added and updated – all with the idea to keep in the theme with our rural settings (700 acres)

The three Beadnell boys were raised on the ranch. Tim & Troy with their wives Patience & Carrie plus 4 little grand wranglers carry on the Ridin-Hy tradition of greeting many guests who have become like family – their children & grandchildren. The Beadnell family takes pride in providing a great vacation for all our guests, and raising their children in the beautiful Adirondack mountains.